Space Mountain: All Systems Go is a board game published by Ravensburger based on the beloved Disney Park attraction. I created cover art, gameboard, standee and token illustrations as well as a painterly, integrated logo treatment. that celebrate the ride's colorful, retro futuristic vision of outer space travel.

"Prepare yourself for a fast-flying board game adventure to the furthest reaches of Space!
Zip over wormholes and perform Daring twists and turns around asteroids, comets, unknown planets, and more.
Will you be the first brave pilot to visit all five Starports and complete your mission?"

Special thanks to Art Director Jake Breish at Ravensburger for trusting me with this project as well as for his guidance and collaboration!
Hand painted Space Mountain logo treatment pre-color correction for final printing
Token Illustrations
Standee illustrations based on each unique Space Mountain attraction around the world
Gameboard Galaxy Background Illustration
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