I had the unique pleasure of being able to work with Ravensburger and Disney Parks in translating the famous Jungle Cruise ride into board game form. I created box art for both retail and Disney Parks editions of the game as well as character, boat and cargo illustrations.

"Attention Skippers! Family seeks experienced skipper for safe, speedy voyage along perilous jungle river to Jungle Navigation Company Headquarters. Esteemed Company owner Alberta Falls will announce one of four families as temporary Company caretakers before going on sabbatical, and we’re in the running! Since we might be your future bosses, if you keep us on board, we’ll do the same for you. Payment dependent on arrival of cargo and passengers… preferably in one piece."
Alternate Cover Sketches
The Disney Parks Edition of the board features a painted wooden crate treatment.
A selection of the nearly 40 character illustrations
Misc. game tokens
Player boat illustrations with modular detail
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