Wraparound Cover Illustration
Trekking Through History was a very unique project to work on in both it's scope and style. 
Huge thanks to Charlie Bink of Underdog Games and Dann May of Quillsilver Design for trusting me with illustrating this incredibly unique game.
"Trekking Through History invites you to travel through time to experience beautiful moments from our past. Meet legendary people and join remarkable events as you try to see all you can before the clock runs out. You might learn a few things along the way!" - courtesy of UnderdogGames.com
Time Board, Box Cover Render,  Ancestor Card
The concept of "Time Tourism" that Trekking Through History plays with was a perfect avenue for me to exercise my fascination with the bold color palettes and striking compositions of vintage travel posters.
Playmat Background Illustration featuring a time travel departures lounge.
It was a great challenge to try to pick but a few striking moments from history for the cover when the game contains 108 historical moments to choose from. I've collected some of my favorite card illustrations here as well as the entire set.
108 History Card Illustrations
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