Box Front and Back Cover Illustrations
Twin Palms is a beach-themed card game, embracing a vision of a 1980's tropical paradise.  I was tasked with illustrating the wraparound box cover, complete card deck as well a playmat and tokens, all in a sunny color palette. From watermelon to Walkmans, surfboards to suntan lotion, the illustrations created for this game indulge in the romance of a holiday filled with sand and sea. 

"Hidden somewhere along the tropical coastline, you'll find a charming little beach town called Twin Palms. Here you'll see dolphins jumping, lovers holding hands, and children playing in the sand...always in pairs."

Designed by Kristi B. and published by Bink Ink LLC
Product photos courtesy of the publisher.
Left: Cover Art -- Right: Detail Crops
Cover Art Preliminary Sketches
Token illustrations and playmat background illustrations
Playing Cards - Dolphin Suit
Playing Cards - Palms Suit
Playing Cards - Sunglasses Suit
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